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Suspension Service

We carry a full line of suspension products to take care of your vehicle needs. These includes shocks, struts, front end suspension components, bushings, swaybar links, control arms plus expert maintenance in all these services.

Struggling to Drive Straight?

If steering your car has become unusual or difficult, unfortunately, ignoring it won’t make it go away. A problematic steering system can get worse over time, can wear out your tires quickly, and cause your vehicle to be unsafe to drive. Because uncorrected alignment issues can lead to hundreds of dollars of tire replacement and suspension repair, we recommend scheduling an alignment check every 6 months or 6,000 miles.

Signs of Steering, Suspension and Alignment Problems

Any of these symptoms may show that you need service or repairs to your vehicle’s alignment, steering, drivetrain or suspension system:

  • Uneven tire wear
  • Off-center steering wheel while driving
  • Swaying
  • Drifting
  • Pulling to the left or right
  • Vibration
  • Tire noise

Precise Alignment, Steering, and Suspension Service

With every alignment, we perform a complete steering and suspension system inspection. By replacing worn parts, you’ll regain steering control, which will improve driving performance.

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